Web Development

  • Data Visualization, FreeCodeCamp, February 2018*
  • Front End Development, Free Code Camp, October 2017*
  • Build Robust and Production Quality Applications, Tealeaf Academy, 2015
  • Rapid Prototyping with Ruby on Rails, Tealeaf Academy, 2014
  • Front End Web Development, Team Treehouse, 2014
  • WordPress Development, Team Treehouse, 2014
  • Learning Mobile Web Design & Development, Lynda, 4/2015, Certificate No: C1A1DBC1FD474EA7872778BA0AB03004


  • User Experience Fundamentals for Web Design, Lynda, 4/2015 Certificate No: B283944C5F064AAC9C7212A3A1B3774F

Course Projects

RPG Dungeon Crawler

Try it out at https://codepen.io/ashlynnpai/full/ZvwZmQ/.

Code at https://github.com/ashlynnpai/dungeon

This was the final React.js project in the Data Visualization certificate for FreeCodeCamp. The requirements were to create a map and fill it with items and enemies that can be engaged. Only the area immediately surrounding the character would be visible and the rest of the map would be hidden. The character increases in level by fighting enemies and the game ends by defeating a final boss enemy.

Netflix Clone

Code at https://github.com/ashlynnpai/myflix

This was the main Rails project at Tealeaf Academy. The focus was on test driven development and integration with third-party services. One of the highlights was setting up a well-tested subscription service using Stripe for payment processing. Here are some blog posts I wrote in 2015 talking about integrating Stripe into a Rails application:




Try it out at https://vegasblackjack.herokuapp.com/

Web-based code at https://github.com/ashlynnpai/blackjack-web/

Text-based code at https://github.com/ashlynnpai/blackjack/

These were projects for the Ruby portion of Tealeaf Academy. The web-based blackjack uses Sinatra framework to render views to the browser. The text-based version is an exercise in object-oriented programming.

Course Site Profiles

I’ve learned and coded at tons of different sites over the years. Here are my profiles at some of my favorites:






This is a list of courses where I completed enough requirements to get a passing grade as defined by the instructor of the course (usually 60-80%), whether or not I got a certificate. In some courses a certificate was not offered, but in most cases I didn’t pay for a certificate due to the large number of courses I take. Free certificates were phased out by Coursera and edx in 2016.

:heavy_check_mark: Verified Certificate

*Free certificates (Statement of Accomplishment, Honor Code Certificate, or merit badge)

**with distinction